30 Apr 2022
April 30, 2022

Exhaust Pipe Insulation Jacketing

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Aluminum sheet roll jacketing is generally used for exhaust pipe insulation, and there are various thicknesses can be selected by yourself. The thinner the aluminum jacketing roll, the better the operation. The common thickness of aluminum jacketing for exhaust pipe insulation is 0.3mm aluminum jacketing roll, 0.35mm aluminum jacketing roll, 0.45mm aluminum jacketing roll, 0.55mm aluminum jacketing roll, 0.38mm aluminum jacketing roll and 0.43mm aluminum jacketing roll.

exhaust pipe insulation

exhaust pipe insulation

The choice of exhaust pipe insulation aluminum jacketing generally pays attention to the cost-effectiveness. Only aluminum materials with a purity of more than 99% can meet the needs of customers. Aluminum pipe insulation jacketing manufacturers of different production materials have different appearances through comparison with each other, but the prices are the same. The aluminum jacketing pipe insulation roll produced by Haomei Aluminum are 1060, 3003 and 5005 aluminum alloy, the surface can be mill finish, stucco embossed, poly-kraft moisture barrier, poly-surlyn moisture barrier and other combined type. The temper of exhaust pipe insulation cladding is H14 mainly, which have good hardness, but also easy wrapped on pipe. The aluminum jacketing for exhaust pipe insulation is mainly produced into small rolls better for further processing.


The service life of exhaust pipe insulation aluminum jacketing is generally relatively long, as long as 40 years. Haomei Aluminum have rich experience on aluminum jaceting manufacturing and export, so the price can be reduced in Haomei Aluminum. The 1060 aluminum jacketing is applied to normal environment, while 3003 and 5055 aluminum jacketing are applied to surrounding which need good corrosion resistance. No matter what kind of pipe insulation material you need, Haomei Aluminum always meet your requirement. At present, the thermal insulation of pipeline, exhaust pipe, drainage pipe, etc. we see are all made of aluminum jacketing. Therefore, when purchasing insulation materials in various fields, aluminum jaceting roll are given priority.