Embossed aluminum sheet manufacturers supply pure 1060 aluminum, aluminum-manganese alloy 3003, aluminum-magnesium alloy 5052 product. These alloys have high strength, high plasticity and corrosion resistance, and also it can be coped with kraft to be kraft embossed aluminum coil. Embossed aluminum sheet is widely used in refrigerator, freezer, cold storage, air conditioning and packaging.

embossed aluminum sheet manufacturers

The embossed aluminum sheet is generally also called aluminum embossed sheet. It formed embossed pattern on the surface by calendering on the basis of aluminum sheet, due to the embossed surface, it is widely used in packaging, construction, curtain wall, etc. In the embossed aluminum sheet, the orange peel embossed aluminum sheet has the most widely application because it has many advantages.

1. The evaporator of the refrigerator.
The thermal conductivity of embossed aluminum sheet is 237W/mK, which is better than iron. Under the same conditions, the cooling rate is faster and the cooling effect is better. The 5052 embossed aluminum sheet has good anti-rust and anti-radiation properties, generally increasing the service life of the refrigerator. Most of the refrigerators use embossed aluminum evaporators.

2. Decorative building materials such as curtain wall
The surface of embossed aluminum sheet can be processed into a variety of patterns, oxidize, paint and other processes can be processed on the surface to obtain the corresponding color and surface structure for decoration. In general, the materials with good corrosion resistance have excellent anode treatment performance, surface treatment performance and coating performance.