14 Aug 2023
August 14, 2023

Embossed Aluminum Heat Shield

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The semi spherical pattern embossed aluminum heat shield can also be called a spherical pattern embossed aluminum sheet, which has a surface that presents small spherical patterns, like small pearls. Therefore, this kind of embossed aluminum sheet can also be called a pearl pattern aluminum sheet, it is mainly used in the heat shield of the exhaust pipe of automobile chassis. Haomei Aluminum use about 10,000 tons of it annually. The processing technology of the semi spherical pattern heat shield embossed aluminum sheet coil includes: master coil, leveling, embossing, inspection, coiling, and packaging.

embossed aluminum heat shield

The semi spherical pattern embossed aluminum heat shield is divided into large semi-spherical and small semi-spherical patterns, which are commonly used pattern series products in the engine compartment and heat shield of automobile exhaust pipes. The semi-spherical pattern embossed aluminum sheet needs to undergo pressing before the stamping of the parts. The density of the pressing is 156 ± 17, and the height of the pressing is 2 ± 0.05mm. The mechanical properties of the heat shield aluminum sheet comply with GB/T3880.2. There are no burrs or sharp edges on the edges. The tensile strength is 65-95, and the elongation is greater than 22.


The embossing machine for the semi-spherical pattern embossed aluminum heat shield is made of high-strength steel through forging. Due to its high strength, the deformation during pattern pressing is small, and the pressed pattern is full and the thickness is uniform. A 0.8mm semi spherical pattern embossed aluminum sheet coil can be pressed to produce a pattern with a thickness of 0.75-0.78mm. The semi spherical pattern embossed aluminum sheet coil is lightweight, corrosion-resistant, has clear patterns, and is aesthetically pleasing. It is widely suitable for heat insulation and protection of the engine compartment and exhaust pipe of vehicles.