24 Feb 2023
February 24, 2023

Dimple Aluminium Sheet

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The dimple aluminium sheet is a kind of embossed sheet with hammer grain surface, so it is also known as hammered aluminum sheet. Dimple aluminum sheet can be divided into ordinary dimple aluminum sheet and mirror finish dimple aluminum sheet, the reflective rate of mirror dimple aluminum sheet reaches more than 85%, and the mirrorred dimple aluminum sheet is specially used for lampshade lamps.

dimple aluminium sheet

The dimple aluminum sheet product are made of 1060, 1070, 1100 and 3003 aluminum sheet, an a kind of stucco embossed aluminum sheet, it has the features of:

1, Surface treatment process: embossing;

2, Advanced features: top quality, exquisite and luxurious appearance, sparkling surface;

3, Light weight, only 1/3 of stainless steel;

4, Environmental protection, non-toxic, fireproof;

5, Anti-interference, electromagnetic wave shielding, excellent heat dissipation performance;

6, Easy to clean, anti-static, anti-fingerprint;

7, It can be molded, and the curved part can be silk-screened without breaking.


So what should you pay attention to when purchasing dimple aluminium sheet?

First of all, check that there is no relevant quality certification standard for hammered aluminum sheet materials, and that the relevant production date, shelf life, and technical parameters are marked. These information are important manifestations of the quality of aluminum sheets. Consumers need to pay attention to this information when purchasing.


The second is the workmanship of the dimple aluminum sheet material, whether the pattern is in place, whether the surface control process is correct, etc., whether the glossiness and hand feeling of the aluminum sheet surface are moderate, whether there is any damage, scratches, cracks, etc. The timely maintenance and maintenance of the aluminum sheet in normal use can prolong the service life of the material. Finally, the purchase of aluminum sheet also needs to weigh the level of after-sales service of the enterprise, and the after-sales service of very large-scale enterprises will be more perfect.


There are many advantages in the use of dimple aluminium sheet, which can meet the needs of special environments and are the ideal choice for many aluminum sheet users. When buying, you need to pay attention to some details, especially the workmanship of the materials and the situation of the manufacturer. The purchase of dimple aluminum sheets needs to start from your own point of view, and only the one that suits you is the best.