The cost of aluminum sheet per square meter varies depending on a number of factors, including the specification, thickness, surface treatment, type of alloy, market supply and demand. Therefore, it is hard to give an exact aluminum sheet price per square meter. But the price range can be listed, take 1060 aluminum sheet with thickness of 2mm, size of 1200x2400mm as an example, if the price is 2300 dollars per ton, the weight per sheet is about 16 KG, so there are about 62.5 sheets in 1 ton, we can see price of aluminum sheet per sheet is 36.8 dollars, as the area is about 2.88, we can get the cost of aluminum sheet per square meter is about 12.7 dollars.

cost of aluminium sheet per square meter

To calculate the cost of aluminum sheet per square meter, you usually need to consider the area of the aluminum sheet and the aluminum sheet price per sheet. The aluminum sheet area can be calculated by measuring the length and width of the aluminum sheet in square meters. The aluminum sheet price per sheet, on the other hand, depends on factors such as the quality, thickness, coating and workmanship of the aluminum sheet, and is usually provided by the supplier or manufacturer. Finally, the aluminum sheet price per sheet is divided by the area to get the price of aluminum sheet per square meter. Generally speaking, the greater the thickness and the larger the aluminum size, the higher the price of aluminum sheet. Different surface treatments, such as anodizing, painting, plating, etc., will also increase the production cost, thus affecting the aluminum sheet price. In addition, well-known brands and higher quality aluminum sheet may have higher prices due to brand effect and quality assurance. Market supply and demand is also an important factor, if the market demand is high and the supply is tight, the price may rise; on the contrary, the price may fall.


It should be noted that this is only a basic calculation method for cost of aluminium sheet per square meter, the actual purchase may also need to add the relevant shipping costs, taxes and other additional costs. It is recommended that when purchasing aluminum sheets, you consult multiple suppliers for quotes and make comparisons based on the specific specifications needed, quality requirements and market conditions, in order to select the aluminum sheet that best suits your needs and budget. Please also take care to verify the supplier’s reputation and product quality to ensure a satisfactory purchase.