14 Jan 2022
January 14, 2022

Condenser Water Pipe Insulation

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Condenser water pipe insulation material usually adopt aluminum jacketing roll with alloy 1060 and 3003 ASTMB209. As an important industrial refrigeration equipment, the chiller operates the circulating refrigeration system for cooling through power consumption. In order to reduce the unnecessary loss of cooling capacity, and maintain the refrigerant and chilled water in a better parameter state to meet the production use, the chiller is used. The equipment will be insulated according to different models. If the condensate pipe is not pre-buried in the ceiling or the slope of the pipeline is not large, and the distance is long indoors, it is best to do as much heat preservation as possible, otherwise the condensate will form dew on the drain pipe during cooling.

condenser water pipe insulation

The insulation material used for the heat preservation of the condenser water pipe insulation is aluminum jacketing roll. First, clean the parts that need to be insulated, clean the surface debris, dust and oil, and then apply aluminum jacketing with moister barrier special glue to measure the size of the aluminum insulation sheet roll is pasted and spliced together, and the gaps and interfaces are wrapped tightly with thermal insulation tape.


The heat preservation of the key parts such as the evaporator and the water tank of the chiller has been completed in the production stage. If it is found that the condenser water pipe insulation heat preservation effect is deteriorated due to the failure of the heat preservation layer during use, the heat preservation material can be replaced for a new heat preservation treatment, and the operation is quite simple.