21 Jun 2021
June 21, 2021

Coated and Embossed Aluminium Coil

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Coated and embossed aluminium coil is a new type of material that improve mechanical properties and structural strength through embossing processes. Under the same strength, it effectively reduces the thickness of the coated aluminium coil material and at the same time. Embossed coated aluminum has excellent decorative performance and functional characteristics of embossed aluminum and coated aluminum. By changing the structure of the coated aluminum product to achieve energy saving and consumption reduction, while maintaining or even improving the original decorative performance of the metal material. For some electrical appliances and construction fields that require low-cost trends, embossed coated aluminium sheet will undoubtedly be a good choice.

coated and embossed aluminium coil

The coated and embossed aluminium coil mainly adopt 3003 and 3004 aluminum alloy with thickness of 0.18-1.5mm, the width is 580-1850mm. The embossed color coated aluminium coil is a fashionable new high-end decoration material, especially suitable for the decoration of high-end household appliances, such as refrigerator doors. Side panels, water heater shells, TV back panels, washing machine panels, etc. The product of stucco embossed color coated aluminium coil are: the texture is clear and uniform. It has strong temperature resistance, weather resistance and fire resistance, and is stain-resistant and easy to clean.


Coated and embossed aluminium coil for refrigerator side panels account for about 70% of all home appliance color coated aluminum sheet, most of which require embossing process. In the past, customers had to find another processing plant for embossing after ordering color coated aluminium coil from the factory, which not only caused troubles for customers, but also lost part of the high-end market and hindered product structure upgrades. The most commonly used 0.4*1290 mm brown gray color coated plate in refrigerator side panels has an orange peel embossed pattern. The product solves the long-term troubles since the cooperation with customers, and lays a solid foundation for the increase of high-end color-coated panels. At the same time, the improvement of the deep processing level will also increase the economic added value of color coated home appliances and promote the company’s benefits to the sound development.