07 Feb 2021
February 7, 2021

Coated Aluminium Roofing Sheet

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Coated aluminium roofing sheet 3003 and 3004 can be said as the best material for construction roofing system in the market. After solving basic problems such as structural stability and roof waterproofing, many steel structure construction companies continue to put forward new requirements for the materials and functions of metal roofs. To a certain extent, the color coated steel roofing plate system has been difficult to meet the long-term development needs of the building. Through technological development and research, the fluorocarbon-coated aluminum-magnesium-manganese roofing sheet product performs better in terms of waterproof, anti-corrosion and wind resistance.

coated aluminium roofing sheet

With the rapid development of construction industry in recent years, the curtain wall industry has emerged, especially after recognizing that aluminum composite panels are not suitable for high-rise buildings, the demand for fluorocarbon aluminum-magnesium-manganese coated aluminium roofing sheet has doubled than before. The aluminum-magnesium-manganese sheet treated with fluorocarbon coating can not only ensure the high corrosion resistance and fastness requirements of the aluminium roofing sheet, but also can greatly improve its weather resistance, corrosion resistance and decoration after finishing the surface of the color coated aluminum sheet. This is one of the main reasons for the popularity of fluorocarbon coated aluminum magnesium manganese roofing sheet.


Fluorocarbon coating, also known as electrostatic liquid coating, belongs to advanced coating, so the price is relatively high. It has been widely used in aluminum curtain walls and other fields in the past two years. The fluorocarbon coated aluminium roofing sheet has the blessing of the fluorocarbon coating, and its fading resistance, frost resistance, corrosion resistance to air pollution, ultraviolet resistance, crack resistance, weather resistance, etc. all have a new height compared with other metal roofing sheets.