Clear lacquer aluminum coil and sheet for pilfer proof caps 3105 8011 are widely used in the caps packaging of products. Because aluminum has good oxidation resistance, a dense oxide film is formed on the surface of aluminum, which protects the original physical properties of the product and has good sealing performance, it ensures that the product is not in contact with the outside world. The 3000 series of 3105 aluminum alloy is mainly used on the bottle cap, plus the beautiful appearance, making different shapes, painted with bright colors, finely crafted, used in high-end cosmetics packaging is also a very good choice.

clear lacquer aluminum coil and sheet for pilfer proof caps

The 3105 aluminum sheet coil is the raw material to processing pilfer proof caps. In order to ensure the easy printing after the cap is formed, the surface of the 3105 aluminum sheet for pilfer proof caps is required to be flat, without rolling marks, scratches and stains. Generally, the alloy materials used are 8011-H14, 3105-H16 and the like. The material specification generally has a thickness of 0.16~0.23mm, an allowable tolerance of ±0.1%, and a width of 500-1000mm. The production of aluminum bottle caps can be carried out by hot rolling or continuous casting after cold rolling. Production practice shows that the hot rolled billet is superior to the cast billet in the use effect of the clear lacquer aluminum coil and sheet for pilfer proof caps.