10 Jul 2018
July 10, 2018

China embossed aluminum sheet

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It is seems that the china embossed aluminum sheet factory occupy much in the world market. That is because Chinese manufacturers not only supply qualified embossed aluminum sheet with fast production, but also have great price and good package. Embossed aluminum sheet have many types and wide application, after composed with other material or through other process method, embossed aluminum can have other high performance in application.

china embossed aluminum sheet

The grades of embossed aluminum is 1060 aluminum, 3003 aluminum and 5052 aluminum. The thickness is 0.08—2.0mm, the width is 100—1370mm. The embossed aluminum product can be sheet or coil according to the customer’s requirement. The embossed patterns are classic orange peel, insect pattern, water droplets pattern, diamond pattern, hammer pattern, bean pattern, cobblestone pattern, water ripple pattern, shell carving pattern. The embossed aluminum sheet coil product is mainly used in refrigerators and freezers. Besides, with other process, the application of embossed aluminum can be widen, such as mirror embossed aluminum sheet for lamp cover, color coated embossed aluminum coil sheet for roofing, anodized aluminum stucco embossed sheet for refrigerator, kraft paper with aluminium stucco embossed coil sheet for insulation, insulation aluminum stucco embossed sheet coil, lamination aluminium stucco foil coil,  aluminum stucco embossed sheet coil for heat shield and stucco embossed aluminum for cladding.