China 5086 aluminum sheet belongs to marine grade aluminum. Marine grade aluminum plates can be divided into deformed aluminum plates and cast aluminum plates according to the different manufacturing processes. Marine aluminum plates have special requirements for strength, corrosion resistance, weldability, etc. Therefore, aluminum-magnesium alloys, aluminum-magnesium-silicon and aluminum-zinc-magnesium alloys are used in marine aluminum plates. During the alloys, the 5000 series aluminum-magnesium alloys are most widely used on ships. There are mainly 5083, 5086 and 5456 aluminum plates for the 5000 series marine products.

china 5086 aluminum sheet

What are the characteristics of the marine 5086 aluminum sheet plates?
The intermetallic corrosion of the 6000 series alloys occurs in seawater, so they are used in upper structure of the ship. The disadvantage of the 7000 series alloy is poor corrosion resistance, so the use range is limited. Taken together, the 5000 Series marine aluminum plates are currently the most widely used and most promising aluminum plate products in marine industry. 5083 aluminum plate has medium strength, good corrosion resistance, formability and high fatigue resistance, so it is generally used as the main structure of the ship body. Others, such as 5052, 5086, 5454, 5456 are also used in hull structures or pressure vessels, pipelines, hulls, and decks.