With the continuous development of technology, the application range of aluminum sheet has been very extensive, designing buildings, ships, aviation, electrical appliances and other fields. Aluminum sheet and aluminum strip product is also a common material for making lamp holders. Brass is often nickel-plated to achieve high corrosion resistance as a material for lamp bases, but brass at higher cost, china 3004 aluminum sheet has gradually become a manufacturing material for low-cost lamps, especially in incandescent lamps.

china 3004 aluminum sheet

An important use of aluminum is as a vapor deposited on reflective coatings in concentrating and mapping lamps, primarily due to its low melting point of 660 degrees Celsius. The 3004 aluminum sheet belongs to aluminum-manganese series alloys, which has a higher strength than 3003 aluminum alloy, 3004 aluminum sheet alloy has excellent good formability, weldability, corrosion resistance, electrical conductivity, excellent forming processing characteristics, flat surface, great plastic and pressure resistant. China 3004 aluminum sheet has high quality and low price, which is widely used in color coated aluminum substrates, shutter materials, lamp materials, decoration, and so on. Aluminum 3004 alloy also has another product shape, that is the 3004 aluminum strip, which also used for processing lamp base materials and know as 3004 aluminum strips for lamp base.