19 Jul 2022
July 19, 2022

Chilled Water Piping Insulation

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The function of the chilled water piping insulation is to prevent the pipe from being damaged when subjected to mechanical collision, to prevent moisture from invading the pipe to reduce its performance, and to beautify the appearance of the chilled water pipe. The chilled water pipe insulation is made of metal or felt material. The metal protective layer can be made of galvanized steel plate, ordinary thin steel plate and aluminum alloy and other materials.

chilled water piping insulation

Why does chilled water piping insulation is added outside of the chilled water pipeline, several factors must be considered: anti-corrosion, fireproof, easy to operation, beautiful appearance, good thermal insulation effect, the cost should not be too high and economical. So the aluminum jacket for chilled water pipe insulation is welcomed on the market, and it is necessary for chilled water piping.

1, Insulation of hot water pipes to prevent the water temperature from running off too fast. Insulation of cold water pipes can prevent condensation on the outer wall of the pipes when cold water is running.

2, Sound insulation and noise reduction can greatly reduce the sound of water flow.

3, It is also a layer of protection that can slow down the appearance of chilled water pipes.


Through the aluminum cladding for chilled water piping insulation, the pipes can make better use of it. In addition, through the adjustment of the aluminum jacket price, we can really feel that the product is very durable, and it will not show corrosion in continuous use. It may be better to use when used, and in addition, it can be used for different environments.


Aluminum jacketing insulation is a technology favored by insulation projects such as pipelines, tanks, autoclaves, and reaction kettles. Aluminum chilled water piping insulation construction can achieve a good insulation effect, which is inseparable from the selection of materials it pays attention to. There are many stresses in the selection of materials for aluminum sheet insulation projects, the first of which is the thermal conductivity. The reason why thermal insulation products are reused is because of their low thermal conductivity, which reflects good thermal insulation performance. The main purpose of aluminium insulation construction is insulation, and aluminum materials have become a very good choice.