04 Nov 2022
November 4, 2022

Anodized Aluminum Sheet Metal Factory

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The main products of anodized aluminum sheet metal factory are 1000, 3000, and 5000 series aluminum alloy plates. The anodized aluminum sheet metal are well processed, it has strong decorative properties, moderate hardness, easy to bend and form, continuous high-speed stamping, easy to directly process into products, no complex surface treatment, greatly reducing product production cycle and reduce product production costs.

anodized aluminum sheet metal factory

The standard thickness oxide film produced by anodized aluminum sheet metal factory is about 3μm. The anodized aluminum plate will not change color, corrosion, oxidation and rust indoors for a long time. The anodized aluminum sheet metal with thick oxide film (10μm) can be used outdoors and will not change color when exposed to sunlight for a long time. The surface hardness of the anodized aluminum sheet metal is high, reaching the gem level, with good performance, the surface is not covered with paint, the metal color of the aluminum plate is retained, the modern metal sense is highlighted, and the product grade and added value are improved.

Haomei Aluminum is an anodized aluminum sheet metal factory located in Henan Province, China. We have 2 automatic sheet anodizing production lines and 2 automatic coil anodizing production lines. Welcome to visit the factory for inspection. Production scope of anodized aluminum sheet:

  1. Production width: 500-1350mm
  2. Production length: 500-4000mm
  3. Thickness that can be produced: 0.5-6.0mm
  4. The thickness of the oxide film that can be produced: 2-10 microns
  5. Scope of application: led aluminum substrate, aluminum base copper clad laminate, led power supply shell, chassis cabinet shell, cable tray, curtain wall decoration, electrical accessories, electronic lighting, billboards, advertising printing, highway signs, car license plates, aluminum furniture, etc. .
  6. Colors that can be produced: professional aluminum plate is oxidized in its original color, not colored
  7. Alloy grades that can be produced: 1050 1060 1100 1200 3003 5052 5A02
  8. Patterns that can be produced: flat plates, checkered plates, and engraved plane graphics can all be oxidized
  9. Processing capacity: 9000-10000 sheets per day