Aluminum substrate for pcb dirilling entry 1100H18 has the thickness is 0.13~0.18m, it is suitable for drilling any fine circuit board. Aluminum drilling entry sheet 1100H18 has good heat dissipation performance and can protect the printed circuit board from high temperature damage and prolong the service life of the drill bit. The aluminum sheet for PCB has high temperature resistance and resistance to deformation, high flatness.

aluminum substrate for pcb

Aluminum substrate sheet for PCB drilling entry use has the three aspects of the role:
1. Heat dissipation, because the drill needle runs at high speed and friction generates heat.
2. Fix the drill pin to reduce the vibration during operation and prevent the hole diameter from being too large and the hole position deviation caused by the deviation of the drill pin.
3. Prevent the burs from scratching the surface of the PCB board and reducing burrs.
The aluminum drill entry sheet has a good effect and prevents the burr on the surface of the hole from reaching the hardness phase. Because aluminum has good thermal conductivity and good rigidity, the drill has a certain heat dissipation effect. The aluminum substrate for pcb material is better than the phenolic material, and the probability of cutting the bit and the eccentric hole is much lower than that of the phenolic plate.