24 Mar 2023
March 24, 2023

Aluminum Sign Board Material

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The price of aluminum sign board material is relatively low, and there are many kinds of colors and effects. Color coated aluminum sheet coil itself has unique performance, which determines its wide range of uses. Color coated aluminum can be used for building exterior curtain wall panels, LOGO wall, old building renovation back to new, indoor wall and ceiling decoration, advertising signs board, display stands, purification and dustproof projects. Color coated aluminum has been used in large quantities and is a new type of building decoration material.


Aluminum sign board material is a new type of high-grade decorative material, which is in line with the development direction of industrial policy. Aluminum color coated for sign board is no less than glass and plastic, under the sunlight, its surface layer is both gaudy and condensed, while avoiding light pollution. Aluminum sign board material has the characteristics of fireproof, acid resistance, impact resistance, bendable, nailable and easy construction. It has strong wind resistance and bending strength, good sound insulation and heat insulation, and easy to clean. At the same time, it is light in weight, which can greatly reduce the load of the building structure.

aluminum sign board material

The service life of color coated aluminum sign board is as long as ten years. Second is this aluminum material for seasonal influence immunity is extremely high, will not cause any negative situation because of the change of temperature, and this aluminum sign board in the dustproof section is loved by the major businessmen, simply do not need to clean, will always be able to like new, greatly solved part of the cleaning inconvenience problem.


The use of aluminum sign board material has good weather resistance, high strength, easy maintenance, convenient construction, short construction period, good plasticity, impact resistance, good flatness, light and firm, available in many colors, simple processing machinery, on-site processing and other characteristics widely recognized by the market.