The aluminum sheet price has great influence on the application of aluminum sheet plates in various industries. Although the performance of aluminium sheet is excellent in all aspects, the excessively high aluminum plate prices limit the application of aluminum sheets. For a long time, aluminum sheet plates can only be used as a kind of high-end materials in applications such as aerospace and military. Fortunately, with the maturity of smelting technology and the production of new production capacity in various countries, the prices of aluminum sheets have been declining in the past few years, the application of aluminum sheet gradually entering the civilian sector, and are expanding continuously. With excellent performance, the aluminium become important alternatives for iron, steel and copper.. In addition to aluminum sheet price factors, aluminum sheet has the following advantages, which is unmatched by other materials.

aluminum sheet price

Firstly, abundant reserves.
Whether a material can be used on a large scale depends on its quantity first. Fortunately, although humans have discovered aluminum for a relatively long time, aluminum is one of the most abundant metal resources on the planet. Humans need not worry about the exhaustion of aluminum resources for hundreds of years. The quantity is sufficient for the price reduction of aluminum is possible, which is a prerequisite for the large-scale application of aluminum sheet.

Secondly, the production technology is mature.
The time for human application of aluminum is not long, but aluminum smelting technology has progressed rapidly. In the past more than 100 years, electrolytic aluminum technology has become extremely mature, we can carry out large-scale aluminum sheet production and processing, and can be well controlled aluminium sheet prices, which make large-scale aluminum plate applications possible.

Thirdly, efficient recyclability.
Iron, steel, copper and other materials will naturally degrade, and recycling is difficult. The performance of secondary processing products cannot be compared with new products. However, the properties of aluminum sheet are stable and will not be naturally degraded, and the properties of secondary processed products after recycling has no difference with new products, so it can be recycled many times, and its economic, environmental, and social value is immeasurable.