10 Aug 2020
August 10, 2020

Aluminum sheet metal for tank

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Aluminum sheet metal for tank are mostly 5083H111 aluminum plate, 5454H111 aluminum plate, 5182H111 aluminum plate and 5754H111 aluminum plate. According to national regulations, anti-corrosion tanks made of aluminum sheet metal have a minimum tank thickness of 5mm. According to production experience, the tank body thickness of tank is mostly 7mm. Haomei Aluminum has a hot continuous rolling, the widest plate can be 2700mm, which not only greatly reduces the welding seam of aluminum alloy tanks, improve its own strength, while making the tank body more beautiful and safer.

aluminum sheet metal for tank

Oil products are flammable and explosive dangerous goods, so safety is an important indicator for considering the tank material of oil tanks. Compared with the traditional tanks made of carbon steel, stainless steel, glass fiber reinforced plastics, etc., the tanks made of aluminum sheet metal alloy materials have more advantages. According to relevant statistics, the aluminum alloy tanker has an excellent safety record in highway accidents. This is because aluminum sheet metal for tank has good plasticity and can absorb the energy generated by collision through deformation without sudden tearing. In addition, the low center of gravity of the aluminum alloy tanker makes it easier to brake and safer, and the aluminum alloy has good electrical conductivity, static electricity is not easy to accumulate, and no sparks are generated, which can effectively eliminate safety hazards.


In addition to safety factors, the tank body made of aluminum alloy material is lighter. The use of aluminum sheet metal material in some models can reduce the weight of the vehicle by more than 4 tons and increase the volume by more than 20% , Thereby reducing the weight of the car body and increasing the effective load, transporting the same amount of goods can reduce the number of shifts of the vehicle, thereby reducing fuel consumption and increasing the rate of return on investment.


The use of aluminum sheet metal for tank materials is not without any requirements. Too thin will cause corrosion resistance and impact resistance to weaken, and there are hidden safety hazards. And too thick tank materials will increase the weight of the tank truck and increase fuel consumption. At the same time, the net volume of the tank body is reduced, and the price of tank trucks is relatively higher; in addition, tank trucks made of aluminum alloy have strict requirements on the hardness, plasticity, and tightness of the tank body.