05 Sep 2018
September 5, 2018

Aluminum sheet alloy 1050

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Aluminum sheet alloy 1050 is a common grade of 1000 series aluminum sheet plate, it belongs to pure aluminum plate sheet series. The mechanical properties of the 1050 aluminum sheet are not high, but because of the simple production process and mature technology, it has great advantages in price and high cost performance. Aluminum sheet 1050 is suitable for applied in industries that do not have strict requirements on the performance, such as advertising signs, equipment casings, decorative materials, kitchen utensils, etc., 1050 aluminum is also commonly used materials for processing mirror aluminum sheet.

aluminum sheet alloy 1050

The performance features of 1050 aluminum sheet are:
1, 1050 aluminum sheet is very soft, not strong, but has good ductility, can be drawn into filaments or rolled foil.
2, 1050 aluminum sheet has small density, can be strengthened, easy to process, and has good electrical and thermal conductivity, conductivity is two-thirds of copper, thermal conductivity is three times larger than iron, so it is mostly used for wires, cables, various heat exchanger, heat sink material, etc.
3, aluminum sheet alloy 1050 can not be heat treated and strengthened, can be strengthened by cold deformation, the only heat treatment form is annealing.
4, 1050 aluminum sheet has high corrosion resistance, no low temperature brittleness, strong reflectivity, non-magnetic, sound-absorbing, nuclear radiation, beautiful surface appearance.