04 Dec 2023
December 4, 2023

Aluminum Plate For Signage

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Aluminum plate for signage is a kind of signage material made of aluminum, which has the advantages of lightweight, beautiful, durable and environmentally friendly. The advantages of aluminum plate material are its light weight, high strength, good corrosion resistance, and can adapt to the use of outdoor environment requirements. At the same time, aluminum plate material also has good processing performance and plasticity, can be bending, cutting, welding and other operations to meet the needs of a variety of signage production.

aluminum plate for signage

In the production of signage, aluminum plate for signage usually choose to use the thickness of 0.5mm to 3.0mm between the aluminum plate. According to the actual demand, the aluminum plate will also be surface treatment, such as coating, oxidation, etc., in order to improve its corrosion resistance and aesthetics. In addition, factors such as the size, shape, and installation method of the aluminum plate need to be considered during the production process to ensure the quality and effectiveness of the signage.


Aluminum signage made from aluminum plate has the following advantages:

Light weight: Aluminum plate has low density, compared with copper and aluminum plate, it is lighter and will not increase the weight of equipment, and also save money.

Easy to process: Aluminum plate has good ductility, easy to cut and press molding, can meet the special technical needs of signage.

Good corrosion resistance: the surface of aluminum plate can generate a hard and delicate oxide film, which has excellent corrosion resistance.

Good weather resistance: aluminum oxide film layer many substances do not corrode it, also used in industrial areas and coastal areas of harsh environments.

No magnetism: aluminum is a non-magnetic body, aluminum signs will not produce external interference with instrumentation.

Abundant resources: aluminum reserves are considerable, the annual output of aluminum products is second only to steel, for the world’s total metal production second.

Therefore, aluminum signage is widely used in the production of various signage, such as architectural signage, commercial signage, road traffic signage and so on.


In short, aluminum plate for signage is an efficient, beautiful and durable material suitable for various signage production.