28 Jun 2018
June 28, 2018

Aluminum mirror sheet suppliers

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Aluminum mirror sheet refers to an aluminum sheet that has mirror effect on the surface by means of rolling, grinding and other methods. Aluminum mirror sheet suppliers adopt are rolling technology for manufacture mirror sheet and mirror coil metal.

aluminum mirror sheet suppliers

Mirror aluminum sheet is just a general name. According to the high, medium and low mirror surface rate, it can be divided into standard mirror surface, high mirror surface and super mirror surface. In accordance with the surface processing methods, the aluminum mirror sheet can be divided into anodized mirror aluminum and non-anodized mirror aluminum. The color of the anodized aluminum mirror sheet mirror can be divided into base color and metallic color.

The advantages of the product provided by trusted aluminum mirror sheet suppliers are:
The aluminum mirror sheet surface is smooth, even if there is dust, as long as a simple cleaning with a rag, you can achieve the desired effect. Most of the products are silver-white in color, which can highlight clean and tidy features.Mirror aluminum sheet has a variety of colors, and the lighting effect is good, and it has strong reflection ability. In building materials and car decoration, it is often used to highlight the shape and overall structure, increase the appearance.