29 Jan 2024
January 29, 2024

Aluminum Heat Insulation Sheet

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Commonly used aluminum heat insulation sheet are 1060 pure aluminum sheet, 3003 aluminum-manganese alloy aluminum sheet and 5005 aluminum-magnesium alloy aluminum sheet. These three kinds of heat insulation aluminum sheet are widely used in buildings, equipment, walls, pipelines and other thermal insulation, anti-corrosion, anti-rust project. So, what are the differences between these three kinds of aluminium heat insulation sheet, and respectively suitable for which environment? First of all, in terms of price, 1000 series of pure aluminum sheet is the cheapest price, 3000 series of aluminum sheet in the middle, 5000 series of aluminum sheet price is the highest. According to the price per ton, 1000 series aluminum sheet and 3000 series aluminum sheet price difference is about 80-150 dollars / ton, while 3000 series aluminum sheet and 5000 series aluminum sheet price difference of 500-600 dollars / ton.


1000 Series Aluminum Heat Insulation Sheet

1000 series of aluminum sheet price is the cheapest, its application range is naturally the most extensive, like ordinary building waterproofing, municipal pipeline insulation rust-proof project 1000 series of aluminum jacketing sheet can be competent. But 1000 series aluminum sheet is not acid and alkali corrosion resistance, for power plants, chemical plants, equipment, pipe insulation, can not help.

aluminum heat insulation sheet

3000 Series Aluminium Heat Insulation Sheet

The price of 3000 series aluminum sheet is slightly higher than 1000 series aluminum coil, it is a kind of mature technology heat insulation aluminum sheet. 3000 series aluminum sheet’s strength is slightly higher than 1000 series aluminum sheet, it has better resistance to acid and alkali corrosion, it is mostly used for the insulation of refrigeration equipment, storage tanks, pressure vessels and pipelines, heat sinks and so on.


5000 Series Aluminum Heat Insulation Sheet

5000 series aluminum sheet is the highest price, its performance is also the most excellent of the three. 5000 series aluminum sheet has high strength, plasticity and corrosion resistance, has good fatigue resistance, can be welded and processed, is regarded as the most promising heat insulation aluminum sheet. 5000 series aluminum sheet is used in the performance of the aluminum sheet has strict requirements of occasions, such as high strength, fatigue, corrosion, etc., in the field of nuclear power, aviation, aerospace applications is very broad.