Aluminum flat sheet metal materials have an extremely broad market, benefiting from the excellent performance, many industries use aluminum sheets as a substitute for traditional metal materials. As the aluminum sheet metal can be recycled, it is welcomed all over the world, of course, there are also many aluminum sheet suppliers, to select a reliable manufacturer of the aluminum flat sheet is the best way to save cost, so we must know how to inspect the product quality of the aluminum flat sheet metal suppliers.

aluminum flat sheet

First, check the outer packaging of the aluminum sheet. Good packaging not only shows the strength of aluminum sheet manufacturers, but also shows that manufacturers pay more attention to product protection. In addition, it also shows that the manufacturer’s production management of aluminum sheets is in place.

Second, check the surface of the aluminum sheet metal. To high quality aluminum sheet product, there is no defects such as roll marks, black spots, scratches, oil spots, corrosion, fission, etc. On the surface. The sheet shape is flat, no obvious bending, the diagonally is uniform, whole aluminum sheet product is placed neatly, the length and width of each piece aluminum sheet are the same. If the surface of the aluminum plate is covered with a protective film, spill off the protective film to check whether there is defects being covered.

Third, use a measuring tool measure the size. To measure the thickness, width, length, unevenness, diagonal of the aluminum flat sheet metal to see whether the size or error is uniform and whether it is within the national standard.

Fourth, aluminum sheet metal manufacturers are required to provide material qualification certificate, check whether the composition and performance of the material corresponding to the material list are controlled within the national standard.

Five, know the manufacturers after-sales service. Understand how the after-sales service of the manufacturer is, if the aluminum flat sheet manufacturers can solve the problem in time, so that there is no worries.