The aluminum embossed sheet for cooler panel maintains strength in the following low temperature and humid environment and has high corrosion resistance. The aluminum embossed sheet has good thermal conductivity, light weight, easy processing, wide material sources, low price, low cost, stable chemical properties and not easy to rust. For so many advantages, we can see the application of stucco embossed aluminum sheet applied in cooler panel of refrigerator. The size and distribution of the evaporator directly affect the cooling capacity and cooling speed of the refrigerator system. Embossed aluminum sheet evaporator is used, and the cooling speed is 3 times that of the wire tube evaporator. Aluminum is relatively corrosion-resistant than iron, and iron is not corrosion-resistant, so choose aluminum is more suitable.

aluminum embossed sheet for cooler panel

Stainless steel cooler panels are heavy, have low heat transfer efficiency and have poor formability, so components are expensive. Therefore, aluminum cooler panels that have high heat transfer efficiency, have excellent formability and whose components are relatively inexpensive have been welcomed. A1100 based on pure aluminium (alxxx) and a3003 based on aluminium-manganese (a3xxx) aluminum embossed sheet for cooler panel were used in the heat exchanger cooler. The embossed aluminum sheet has a large evaporation area, uniform cooling, and fast cooling speed, it is not easy to frost. 1060 and 3003 stucco embossed aluminum sheet are the main alloys of aluminum sheet for cooler panel, they have light weight, low cost, long service life, no rust and other features.


Aluminum embossed sheet for cooler panel are welcome in evaporator manufacturing. By using stucco embossed aluminum sheet, the evaporator has large cooling area, fast cooling speed and good cooling effect. The evaporator is an important heat exchange component of the refrigeration system. The quality of an evaporator is enough to determine the quality of a refrigerator. Because of its high heat transfer coefficient, small footprint, robustness, reliability and long life.