The aluminum coil with kraft paper stucco embossed is embossed aluminum coil laminated with kraft paper on one side. The specifications of the stucco embossed aluminum with kraft paper laminated are: thickness of 0.3-1.5 mm, width 1000/1200/1220, the length can be chosen freely. At present, the main alloy components are 1060 1100 and 3003 aluminum. Stucco embossed aluminum coil with kraft paper are widely used in power plant, chemical, petrochemical plant pipeline anti-corrosion insulation.

aluminum coil with kraft paper stucco embossed

This kind of aluminum coil cladding is characterized by anti-corrosion, heat preservation and moisture-proof, so it is mostly used for pipeline insulation in coastal areas with high corrosivity. Stucco embossed aluminum with kraft paper has good performance, the moisture barrier effect effectively prolongs the service life of the embossed aluminum coil, and the orange peel embossed appearance is elegant and generous. Many large pipe insulation companies have used this type of kraft paper embossed aluminum coil to replace iron and ordinary aluminum coils. In the era of high labor costs, the use of long-term kraft embossed aluminum coils has become preferred more in the insulation industry.


Aluminum coil with kraft paper stucco embossed improving the heat transfer efficiency and reducing the loss of temperature are the most important factors to ensure temperature and reduce the insulation cost, so the cladding aluminum jacketing coil is the perfect insulation material. Thermal insulation stucco aluminum coil kraft paper is light in quality, easy to shape strong, used for building, pipe surface, can reduce heat loss with maximum efficiency. And thermal insulation aluminum coil has long service life, once construction can meet the needs of many years.