26 Sep 2021
September 26, 2021

Aluminum Alloy Sheet 5083

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Aluminum alloy sheet 5083 are hot-rolled products, and the processing technology is more complicated. And because of the special use in ship materials, customers have extremely high standards for the accuracy of their production processes and the stability of aluminum sheet 5083 product performance. At present, there are not many domestic aluminum sheet manufacturers that can meet the domestic and foreign ship material standards, and only some large aluminum processing enterprises have made breakthroughs in this field. Because of this, the price of high-quality 5083 aluminum plate is much higher than that of ordinary aluminum sheet products.

aluminum alloy sheet 5083

As we all know, aluminum ingot prices often adjust slightly with market fluctuations, but from a short-term perspective, the impact on the aluminum plate market is small, but the processing fees for different alloys are very different. For example, the processing fee for a certain alloy in the market is more than 1,000. However, some alloys require more than 10,000 processing costs, and customers are prone to a lot of confusion when they do not understand the product alloy. Even for the same alloy product, there is a big gap in the quotations between different manufacturers. For example, 5083 aluminum sheet processing fees even vary by hundreds of thousands. So, how should the processing fee of aluminum alloy sheet 5083 for ship plate be distinguished?


First of all, you get what you pay for. It is difficult to buy truly high-quality products at too cheap prices. Secondly, the aluminum sheet manufacturer’s production strength determines the cost of large-scale production and small-scale production. The production process is accurate and the quality is checked. There must be a big difference between the 5083 aluminum sheet products and ordinary assembly line products. Therefore, recognizing the laws of the market and seeing the overview of manufacturers is the way to identify the appropriate price of aluminum alloy sheet 5083.