24 May 2024
May 24, 2024

Aluminum Alloy 3003 H14

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Aluminum alloy 3003 h14 is a common aluminum alloy material with good machinability, corrosion resistance, and strength, and is suitable for use in the manufacture of products in a wide variety of industrial and civil fields. 3003 H14 aluminum alloy is mainly composed of Aluminum (Al) and Manganese (Mn), with an Al content of about 98% and a Mn content of about 1%. It has easy machining and forming, high temperature corrosion resistance, good heat transfer and electrical conductivity.

aluminum alloy 3003 h14

3003 H14 aluminum alloy is a common aluminum alloy material with the following characteristics:

  1. Good machinability:

Alloy 3003 H14 aluminum has good machinability, easy to form, cut, weld and process into various shapes and sizes.

  1. Good corrosion resistance:

Aluminum alloy 3003 H14 has good corrosion resistance, can resist the erosion of most chemicals, suitable for use in a variety of environments.

  1. Excellent thermal conductivity:

Aluminum alloy 3003-h14 has good thermal conductivity and can conduct heat quickly, which is suitable for the manufacture of products that require thermal conductivity.

  1. Light weight and high strength:

3003 H14 aluminum alloy has high specific strength and at the same time is light in weight, making it an ideal structural material.


Based on the properties of aluminum alloy 3003 h14, a variety of products can be manufactured, common products include but are not limited to:

  1. Aluminum alloy sheets, coils, strips: 3003 h14 aluminum sheet is used in the manufacture of insulation materials, kitchenware manufacturing, furniture, construction and other fields.
  2. Aluminum Tread plates: such as diamond plates, 5-bar tread plates, embossed aluminum plates, and so on.
  3. Aluminum alloy tubes and profiles: used in the manufacture of pipes, rails, frames and other structural parts.
  4. Aluminum foil: 3003 aluminum foil is used for food packaging, lunch box manufacturing, etc.


Applications of aluminum alloy 3003 h14:

Battery casing: 3003 H14 aluminum alloy is a high quality battery casing material, its light weight and high strength, corrosion resistance and good processing performance make it ideal for power battery casing.

Construction materials: In the construction industry, 3003 H14 aluminum alloy is commonly used to manufacture exterior wall decoration materials for high-rise buildings, such as aluminum curtain wall and aluminum windows.

Transportation: In the field of transportation, this kind of aluminum alloy can be used to manufacture the parts of automobiles, ships, airplanes and other means of transportation, such as body structural parts, engine parts and so on.

Electronics and electrical appliances: In the field of electronics and electrical appliances, 3003 H14 aluminum alloy is commonly used in the manufacture of radiators, conductive parts, etc.

Chemical and petroleum: In the field of chemical and petroleum, the alloy can be used to manufacture corrosion-resistant equipment and pipelines.


Overall, aluminum alloy 3003 h14 has a wide range of applications and can be used in a variety of fields for the manufacture of products.