29 Nov 2021
November 29, 2021

Aluminum Alloy 1060 Supplier

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At present, aluminum alloy 1060 supplier offer product apply to the decoration industry, billboards, signs, nameplates, luggage, fan blades, lighting appliances, ceilings, photo frames and other industries. In fact, the main application of the decoration industry is still using 1000 series aluminum. The 1060 and 1100 aluminum alloy are mostly. However, 1060 aluminum alloy is superior to the industry and has a wide range of uses, so 1060 aluminum sheet alloy should perform better in the decoration industry.

Aluminum alloy 1060 supplier

1060 aluminum sheet belongs to the 1000 series aluminum sheet industry, with an aluminum content of 99.60%. This product is similar to 1050 aluminum sheet. Most of the 1000 series aluminum sheet belongs to industrial production of pure aluminum, the difference lies in the aluminum content. The aluminum content of 1050 aluminum sheet is 99.5%, the aluminum content of 1070 aluminum plate is 99.7%. In actual use, due to the similar aluminum content and similar characteristics, many commercial products can be replaced by 1060 aluminum plate in economic production. 1060 aluminum sheet has long become the backbone of the 1000 series aluminum alloy sheet. The general models and specifications of the 1000 series pure aluminum sheet series are 1050 aluminum sheet, 1060 aluminum sheet, 1100 aluminum sheet and so on. Among all aluminum sheet series products, pure aluminum sheet series products belong to a series with more aluminum content.


Application of 1060 aluminum alloy in decoration industry

1, Advertising industry use: In actual use, 1060 aluminum sheet is a good raw material for corporate advertising signs and door billboards. In addition, the brand is often used for building exterior design decoration, bus body, skyscraper and manufacturing plant wall decoration design Programs and so on.


2, Uses in the kitchen and electric power industry: In addition, it is like cleaning tanks in kitchens and restaurants. Power sockets. Centrifugal fan blades, sheet metal parts processing, deep drawing or stamping mold concave utensils. Clock surface and individual stock plate surface. Factory nameplate. Kitchen utensils, decorations, and light-returning appliances will also be manufactured using 1060 aluminum sheet.


3, Parts industry use: the advantages of 1060 aluminum sheet production and processing of some parts with special characteristics, such as aluminum platinum sealing ring and low-voltage capacitors, regulator tube fence net, cable protective sleeve, net, core and airport ventilation system parts and design decoration parts.


The excellent performance of 1060 aluminum sheet in the decoration industry is very eye-catching, and in addition to the decoration industry, it is also very favored in industrialization. Aluminum alloy 1060 supplier use 1060 aluminum sheet to produce pure aluminum, which has the characteristics of high plastic deformation, corrosion resistance, electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity. It can accept a series of product changes such as touch welding, oxidation treatment, deep processing treatment, deformation treatment, etc.