31 Dec 2021
December 31, 2021

Aluminium Step Plate

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The aluminium step plate is made of aluminum alloy material and form checker plate surface net-like structure. It has the characteristics of light weight, beautiful appearance, corrosion resistance and high strength. Generally, the aluminum step plate is made of 3003 and 6063 material. Aluminum step plate is also called as aluminum treads, it have a wide range of uses, such as platforms, walkways, paving panels, floors, platform stairs, theaters, visitor platforms, parking lots and other large-scale ground platforms in power plants, water plants and other factories, and municipal engineering, environmental sanitation engineering, etc.

aluminium step plate

The checkered aluminium step plate with a pattern on the surface, and the pattern is a mixed shape of lentil, rhombus, round bean, and oblate. The checkered aluminum step plate has many advantages such as beautiful appearance, anti-skid, strengthening performance, saving steel and so on. Aluminum tread plate for steps is widely used in transportation, construction, decoration, equipment surrounding floor, machinery, shipbuilding and other fields. Because the use of checkered step plates does not require high mechanical properties and mechanical properties of checkered plates, and the price is low, many of the use of checkered step plates are also suitable on various occasions. The grill aluminum step plate is also welcomed on the market for light weight, low cost, but it is as beautiful as checkered aluminum step plate.


Most platforms and walkways need to be connected to different heights by aluminium step plate. Compared with steel step plates, aluminum alloy step plates have the advantages of greater strength, corrosion resistance, light weight, and resistance to wear. In addition, aluminum alloy step plates have “self cleaning” function to reduce manual cleaning costs. If you want to buy step plate with high quality and low price, please contact us to get quotation by email!