09 Jun 2020
June 9, 2020

Aluminium sheet 1mm price

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The aluminium sheet 1mm price in Haomei is cheaper than other supplier because we have rich experience and advanced production equipment. At one time, aluminium sheet was regarded as a metal material with excellent performance by various industries, but because the price of aluminium sheet 1mm was too high, it greatly restricted the application of aluminum sheet. With the development of electrolytic aluminum in various countries, aluminum sheet production capacity has rapid expansion in recent years has been accompanied by the continuous decline in the price of aluminum sheets and the continuous improvement in cost performance.

aluminium sheet 1mm price

Today, we can clearly say that the price of aluminum sheet is no longer the main factor restricting the application of aluminium sheet. Through continuous expansion, China’s aluminum sheet production capacity has already ranked first in the world. We can proudly say the aluminium sheet 1mm price in China is the lowest. But if China’s aluminium sheet market wants to become mature, it still needs the following difficulties from customers:

  1. There are too many companies in troubled waters

Because of the rapid development of the aluminium sheet market, huge business opportunities have attracted a large number of investors. Many people enter the industry with speculative psychology, seeking maximum profit in a short period of time, not long-term benefits. As a result, the industry continues to be fraudulent, and many enterprises are substandard and fake, which leads to the aluminium sheet market being smashed. Customers generally do not trust aluminum sheet manufacturers.

  1. The volume of aluminum manufacturers is generally small

Compared with large aluminum sheet manufacturers, the new aluminum sheet manufacturers are generally very small in scale. Although they are blooming everywhere and seemingly lively, the production capacity of several companies is often not necessary. The small scale means that the R&D strength is weak, and it is unable to compete with foreign counterparts. It can only rely on price wars and lower the aluminium sheet 1mm price to gain market share.