19 Nov 2019
November 19, 2019

Aluminium roofing sheet price

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The aluminium roofing sheet price is related to the alloy, thickness, width, coating material and the aluminum ingot price change. The aluminum roofing sheet adopts 3004 and 3005 aluminum-magnesium-manganese alloy substrate and fluorocarbon coated coil material, which is directly processed at the construction site, which has excellent processability, beautiful appearance and excellent waterproofness. The aluminum roofing sheet is very conforms to the long-span roofing system, multi-functional roofing system, double-deck roofing system, large-slope roofing system, etc., and fully meets the architectural design concept of multiple choices. Aluminum roofing sheets have gradually replaced the development trend of color steel plates and other metal roofing sheets.

aluminium roofing sheet price

The aluminum roofing sheet substrate roofing panel is usually made of aluminum magnesium-manganese alloy of grade AA3004, and the alloy state is H36/H46. Its yield strength is ≥190 MPa, tensile strength is 240~285 MPa, and elongation is ≥3%. Aluminum roofing sheet is one of the materials frequently used in buildings such as large factories. The aluminum-magnesium-manganese roofing sheet is environmentally friendly, economical and comfortable, and has a long service life. The shape of the building is different and the structure is different. Naturally, aluminum-magnesium-manganese roofing sheet of different specifications are used. The aluminum roofing sheets of different specifications have different bearing capacity, thickness and sound insulation capacity.


Manganese in the 3xxx series aluminum is the main alloy element, which can not be strengthened by heat treatment. The aluminum alloy used for roof and wall panel in the construction field is mainly the aluminum magnesium manganese alloy of the 3xxx series, which needs to be deformed many times when making the vertical side occlusive roof panel, so the material of the 3xxx system with better processing performance becomes the first choice of materials. The aluminium roofing sheet price is also affected by the 3004 aluminum alloy.