Roofing sheets are plates that can directly withstand roof loads. The roofing sheet is located on the roof of the house and is usually made of metal such as aluminum magnesium manganese or alloy, so it is also called as aluminium roofing sheet. Aluminum-magnesium-manganese sheet alloys for roofing generally adopt the Coil Coated process, which has the advantages of good color control, uniform film, high quality stability and environmental protection. The type of coating generally used PVDF fluorocarbon paint containing more than 70% of fluorocarbon resin.

aluminium roofing sheet

The outstanding features of aluminium roofing sheets are:
1, Excellent weather resistance and anti-corrosion.
Verified by practice, the aluminum roofing sheets have demonstrated good weathering performance under a variety of climatic conditions, showed good corrosion resistance in the acid, alkali, salt chemical corrosion environment.
2, Outstanding waterproof performance.
No waterproof layer is available in 15-90 degree roof building.
3, The wind and earthquake resistance.
90 degrees building facade decoration safe and reliable, able to withstand 12 strong winds.
4, Good fire resistance performance.
The material is fire-resistant grade B1, is a non-flammable material.
5, Great silencer and heat insulation performance.
The porous foam core has good noise attenuation and heat insulation properties.
6, Large area and light weight.
Lightweight materials to reduce the construction load.
7, Rich colors, lasting stability.
Fluorocarbon paint coating, rich colors, smooth surface, acid and alkali resistant, no mildew.
8, High toughness and strength.
Better than similar products with toughness and strength.
9, Convenient construction.
Products can be directly nailed, drilled, sawed, planed and can be easily treated with special roof shapes such as facades and arc windows.