When select aluminium plate supplier, we should focus on the factors as supplier strength, aluminum plate quality and price together. Haomei supply aluminum plate 1000 series, 2000 series, 3000 series, 5000 series and 6000 series. When we are inquiry about the quotation of aluminium plate product, we may find that the quotation is different, and the aluminium plate price also have relationship with the supplier strength and product quality. Let us see the main factors affecting the aluminium plate price.

aluminium plate supplier

1, the price of aluminum ingots.

The price of aluminum ingots is a factor that affects the price of aluminum plates. The price of aluminum ingots fluctuates every day. Therefore, manufacturers’ prices for aluminum plate products of the same specification will also change with the fluctuation of aluminum ingot prices . The price of aluminum ingots, like stocks, depends on international market trends.

2, alloy grades.

The prices of aluminum plate of different grades and series are different. For example, the prices of the 1000 series and 5000 series will be directly different from 400-600 dollar / ton.

3, the specifications.

The wider the aluminium plate specifications, the higher the price of the aluminum plate, so it is recommended to choose a regular width.

4, Processing costs.

The processing cost per ton of aluminium plate products with different alloy numbers is different. Even for aluminum plates of the same model and specification, there may be different costs for inquiries from several different aluminium plate suppliers. This is related to the equipment capacity, product quality and other costs of aluminium sheet suppliers.

  1. Freight

For large-scale aluminum industry products, logistics transportation is an important part of aluminum plate sales. The length of the transportation distance and the number of goods affect the calculation of aluminum plate freight.Under normal circumstances, some larger aluminium plate supplier are equipped with more comprehensive logistics systems, which can save some overall transportation costs.