30 Oct 2018
October 30, 2018

Prime aluminium plain sheet

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Aluminium plain sheet is the raw material of many industrial and daily products, it can be used in many industries such as shipment, building construction, printing, decoration, electricity, packaging, traffic, chemical industry and so on. As a so significant material, the high quality must be ensured, Haomei can supply prime aluminium plain sheet, and we also have some technical tips for you to judge the quality of aluminium sheets.

aluminium plain sheet

1. Inspect the thickness
According to the thickness tolerance standards, the thickness of high quality aluminum plain sheets should within the scope, to prime quality aluminium sheets, the thickness differ is in half of the thickness tolerance. As we all know, only advanced mill production line can control the thickness well, so the thickness also stands for the technology of the aluminium plain sheet suppliers.
2. Check the outside performance
The size of the aluminium sheet should be neat and tidy, the thickness is uniform, the surface is flat, and the plate shape is straight. Remove the protective film on the surface, the sheet surface should be neat, no spots, scars, uneven gloss and other surface defects. In the 1000 to 8000 series aluminum, 1100, 1060, 3003 aluminum sheet can be commonly used.
3. Compare the prices
Since the aluminium plain sheets price is related to the aluminum ingot cost, plus equipment depreciation, labor management costs and production profits, the price has a certain bottom line. At present, the production profit of aluminium plain sheets has been reduced to a minimum, if the price is too low, it is inevitably the most prominent feature of counterfeit and shoddy products.