Aluminium jacketing insulation suppliers in China Haomei produce 1060 and 3003 aluminum jacketing in accordance with ASTM B209 standard. The aluminium jacketing are usually applied in pipeline insulation. Pipe insulation generally refers to all insulation measures to reduce the energy loss of pipes, including cold and warm pipes, which are commonly used in cold water pipe insulation. This is to prevent condensation in cold weather pipes, affect the service life of the pipe, or ensure that the water temperature in the pipe is maintained at above a certain temperature.

aluminium jacketing insulation suppliers

For the insulation of pipelines, on the one hand, thermal insulation aluminium jacketing materials can be used to play the role of thermal insulation to prevent the external temperature from affecting the pipeline and causing production stagnation; on the other hand, the pipeline aluminium jacketing insulation construction can also form a protective layer on the surface of the pipeline to prevent the pipeline from being affected by corrosion of rain, snow or air acid substances, rust, etc., because the corrosion of pipeline will shorten the service life and increase production costs.


Aluminium jacketing insulation suppliers know how great the pipe insulation effect is. The first thing we need to know is that for the current market, there are more pipes with thermal insulation effect, because for this kind of pipes, all kinds of media are transported from minus 50 degrees to 150 degrees. It is able to achieve a very good thermal insulation effect, so it is precisely because of this important nature that it can be well used in the transportation of some oils and the chemical industry. As a product with excellent thermal insulation performance, aluminium jacketing insulation products are widely used in construction projects.