Aluminium for pilfer proof caps 3105 8011 material has certain tensile strength, yield strength, elongation, pressure resistance, deep drawing and other properties. It is necessary to select the material with good elongation. Generally, the bottle cap material is made of alloy 8011 and 3105. The main thickness of the aluminium closure sheet for pilfer proof caps product is 0.15-0.3mm, and the tempers are O, H12, h14, H16, etc.

aluminium for pilfer proof caps 3105 8011

3105, 8011 H14 and H16 aluminum bottle cap material is an important member of hot rolled aluminum anti-theft cap material. Implement GB / T3880 standard. The thickness range of aluminium closures sheet for pp caps 0.15-0.3mm, the thickness tolerance is ± 0.005mm, width within 330-1000mm, width tolerance ± 1mm, tensile strength 150 ~ 165Mpa, elongation> 2%. The surface quality requirement of aluminium for pilfer proof caps 3105 8011 is strict, such as detailed surface, no obvious roll pattern, no obvious black lines, oil spots, dust, scratches, bright stripes and other defects, the ear making rate is controlled within 3%.


Aluminium for pilfer proof caps 3105 8011 material process needs to pass cold rolling-foil rolling annealing thickness-annealing-foil rolling finished product-tension bending correction —Several processes such as slitting are completed. After the finished aluminum sheet roll is produced, it will go through several processes such as cutting, painting, drying, multiple stamping, and anti-counterfeiting marks, etc. to produce qualified pilfer proof cap materials