10 Sep 2021
September 10, 2021

Aluminium Flat Sheet Factories

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Due to the general quality of raw materials, aluminum plates will release internal stress after processing, so they are very easy to deform. Of course, the deformation of aluminum sheet processing is not just this one reason. There are many possible reasons, such as processing angles, processing machinery, processing technology, operating errors, raw materials, etc. Aluminium flat sheet factories – Haomei Aluminum shares some processing experience and countermeasures of aluminum sheet deformation.

1, Artificial aging before processing.

2, The processing is divided into roughing and finishing. After the roughing is completed, it is placed for 8 to 12 hours to release the stress.

3, Thin plate parts need to be pressed on the table for processing.

4, Control the cutting temperature so that the affected area of temperature rise is as small as possible.

5, Orthopedics after processing complex shapes.

aluminium flat sheet factories

How to solve the deformation of aluminium sheet processing?

(1), Is the aluminum sheet subjected to heat leveling?

(2), Adjust the knife path to make it evenly stressed.

(3), If the quantity is large and the pressure of the CNC punch is large enough, aluminium flat sheet factories can consider making a special punch, such as punching all the square holes in the direction of the arc at the same time, or punching down in two steps. It doesn’t matter if the quantity is small. If flatness of aluminium sheet is highly required, it is not enough if the stamping die is opened, only laser cutting can do it.

(4), If it is confirmed that it is the problem of the aluminium sheet, then try to use flame heating to adjust, the aluminum alloy surface color will not change because of this, but pay attention to controlling the temperature. The heating temperature of each aluminum alloy is different.


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