25 Sep 2023
September 25, 2023

Aluminium Embossing Metal Sheet

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Aluminium embossing metal sheet is a special metal plate made of high-quality aluminum alloy plate, through the opening, corner cutting, folding, rolling arc, welding and other processes, and then through the surface treatment (such as coating, painting), decorative processing (such as engraving) and other processing techniques.

aluminium embossing metal sheet

The advantages of aluminium embossing metal sheet:

1, light weight: thickness of only 3mm, 8kg per square plate weight, tensile strength 100-280N/m2.

2, good steel: high strength to ensure long time use without deformation.

3, durability: good corrosion resistance, 5% salt water for 20 years without rot. No need to add protective agent for indoor use in acid rain area. Fire performance reaches GB8624-2006A1 standard.

4, good workmanship: the use of first processing and then painting process, embossed aluminum sheet can be processed into a variety of complex geometric shapes such as plane, arc and spherical.

5, coating uniformity, color diversity: advanced electrostatic spraying technology makes the paint and aluminum panels between the adhesion of uniformity and consistency of non-toxic gas evaporation, color diversity, a wide range of options.

6, not easily tarnished and easy to clean and maintain; fluorine coating film of non-adhesive so that it can resist the harsh environment of the wind and sun and industrial pollution and other advantages of the market is very popular;

7, easy to install and construct; easy to cut into different specifications of the length of the product and the characteristics of fast packaging; lightweight and hard objects will not damage its surface;

8, can be recycled and reuse the environmental value is very high.

9, beautiful and durable lasting.

10, rust and corrosion performance is excellent.

11, good shock absorption and sound insulation effect.

12, good thermal insulation performance.

13, easy recycling regeneration.

14, environmental protection and energy saving.

15、Healthy and comfortable