Aluminium cold rolled sheets are also called as cold rolled aluminum sheet and cast-rolled aluminum sheet. Many friends do not know what kind of aluminum sheet they need because there are cold rolled aluminum and hot rolled aluminum. So we will analysis the difference between cold rolled aluminum sheet and hot-rolled aluminum sheet, the difference can be find from the aspects of price, blank supply, production process, performance, application and finished products.

aluminium cold rolled sheets

1, The price
The technology of cold-rolled aluminum sheet is simple, the price is cheaper than hot-rolled aluminum sheet.
2, The blank supply
The blank supply is different. To hot rolled aluminum: aluminium ingots-smelting and casting into flat ingots-milling-uniform annealing-hot rolled sheets. To cold rolled aluminum: aluminum ingots-smelting-rolling into sheets by casting mills. In comparison, the production efficiency of cold rolled aluminum sheets is higher.
3, The production process
Cold rolling is processing into cast roll (8mm thickness) after cold rolling mill processing, and hot rolling is processed from aluminum plate (400-500mm thickness) by hot rolling mill at high temperature.
4, Different performances
The surface quality of the hot-rolled aluminum sheet is good, while the mechanical properties and ductility are strong, and the oxidation effect is good.
5, Different application
Aluminium cold rolled sheets are usually applied for molds, hot rolled aluminum sheet is usually used for stamping and stretching.
6, Differences between finished products
Generally, the elongation rate of the cold rolled final product is lower than that of the hot rolled final product. In the case of cast or hot rolled products, the surface of the hot rolled product is usually brighter.