Aluminium alloys sheets have high strength and corrosion resistance due to their unique performance advantages. In the current construction of many large shopping plazas and office buildings, various aluminum sheet profiles and building materials are used. Among them,  aluminium alloy sheet plate are welcome. You will find that the alloy aluminum sheet has high hardness, strong plasticity, and a certain load-bearing capacity, so it is widely used. So, what is the application field of aluminum alloy sheet?

aluminium alloy sheets

Aluminum alloy plate is widely used because they are one of the common materials. There are many types and specification of alloy aluminium sheets. When adding various rare elements into aluminum plates while processing, their performance advantages can be greatly improved. There are many types of alloy aluminum sheet on the market, the quality is reliable and guaranteed, and the service life is long. It is mainly used in ships, refrigerators, molds, aerospace equipment and other fields.


You will find that there are many materials selected for the construction of the ship, especially the outer casing. The largest characteristic table of the ship must have good performance. If it is made of aluminium alloy sheets, is not easy to be damaged, is not easy to corrode, and has a long service life can meet the requirements of shipbuilding. The alloy aluminum plate also plays an important role in the process of making the refrigerator, and the sealing property is good, and the alloy aluminum sheet is the best choice to meet the production conditions of the refrigerator.