13 Oct 2021
October 13, 2021

Aluminium Alloy Sheet 5083

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Aluminium alloy sheet 5083 is a typical product of 5000 series anti-rust and anti-corrosion aluminum-magnesium alloys. Among hull materials such as speedboats, 5083 aluminum plates have sufficient strength and rigidity, while being able to reduce weight, resist seawater corrosion and have good weldability. For example, the large anti-submersible wing research ships and the PTF-class speedboats are all 5000 series aluminum-magnesium alloy structures. In 1976, the all-welded aluminum structure of the US Navy also used 5083 aluminum plate and 5456 aluminum alloy as the main materials. Since then, the British and French navies have built aluminum-hull catamarans respectively. In Norway, Sweden, Japan and other countries, aluminum-alloy hulls have also become popular.

aluminium alloy sheet 5083

The aluminium alloy sheet 5083 is mainly seen on marine industry, for shipbuilding and making boats. The 5083 aluminum plate generally usually adopts the H116/H321/H112 temper, and the length and width are 2 meters x 6 meters. Aluminum sheet 5083 alloy has high toughness, corrosion resistance and weldability, and provides a good choice for building ships with strict weight requirements. Haomei Aluminum is one of the leading aluminum sheet plate manufacturers in China, and the aluminum plate 5083 is also the key product of our company, we have rich experience on aluminum sheet alloy 5083 manufacturing and exporting, and we got high reputation of our customers worldwide.


As a ship transportation material, aluminium alloy sheet 5083 can effectively reduce ship weight and increase ship speed. To reduce water resistance, my country’s marine grade aluminum plate research and development technology is mature, and the ship plate level of the departmental manufacturers has reached the international advanced level. In addition, my country has superior water transportation conditions and abundant coastline resources. With the development of economy and trade, the demand for ships is increasing, and transportation materials such as aluminum alloy boats are also developing rapidly. Marine grade aluminum sheet manufacturers should seize this opportunity to attack marine aluminum alloy materials, seize market opportunities, and open up the international market for shipboard.