24 Jun 2024
June 24, 2024

Aluminium 5754 H111 Properties

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5754 h111 aluminum alloy is a commonly used aluminum alloy material that can be heat-treated appropriately to obtain higher strength for applications requiring higher strength requirements. Aluminum 5754 h111 are often produced into aluminum sheet, aluminum plate, aluminum coil and aluminum tread plate for application.

5754 h111 properties

Here is the brief introduction of aluminium 5754 h111 properties:

1, Chemical properties:

– The alloy composition consists mainly of aluminum (Al), magnesium (Mg) and manganese (Mn), with a magnesium content of 2.6%-3.6%, and aluminum is the main element, accounting for most of the total alloy mass. Magnesium and manganese are common alloying elements that increase the strength and hardness of the alloy. The addition of other trace elements can adjust the properties of the alloy, such as improving its corrosion resistance and workability.

– Due to the addition of appropriate amount of magnesium, it has good corrosion resistance, especially for seawater and salt water, especially suitable for marine environment and chemical corrosive environment applications.


2, Physical properties:

– Density of 2.68g/cm³, lightweight but with high strength.

– Has good processing properties, can be hot rolled, cold rolled, drawn and other processes.

– Good welding performance, can be welded by TIG, MIG and other welding processes.

– High plasticity: Addition of appropriate amount of chromium and manganese and other alloying elements, so that it has good plasticity, easy to be processed into a variety of shapes, suitable for the manufacture of complex structures.


5754 h111 aluminum sheet has so many performance advantages, so it will has wide application range:

– In shipbuilding, 5754 H111 aluminum alloy is commonly used in the manufacture of hulls, hulls, decks and other components due to its good corrosion resistance, light weight and high strength.

– In automobile manufacturing, 5754 H111 aluminum alloy is commonly used in the manufacture of car body, wheels and other parts, with light weight, high strength, corrosion resistance.

– In the field of construction, 5754 H111 aluminum alloy is used to manufacture building exterior walls, roofs, ceilings and other decorative materials, with good weather resistance and corrosion resistance.

– In the field of food packaging, 5754 H111 aluminum alloy is used to manufacture food packaging containers, tanks, etc., with food-grade safety and corrosion resistance.