08 Jul 2024
July 8, 2024

Aluminium 3.3535

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Aluminium 3.3535 material is a type of 5754 aluminum alloy, often also referred to as 5754-H111 aluminum alloy. It is so named because the nomenclature of aluminum alloys usually follows international standards, where the first number indicates the aluminum alloy series, and the numbers that follow indicate the specific alloy composition and treatment state.

aluminium 3.3535

The chemical composition of 3.3535 aluminum alloy mainly consists of aluminum (Al), magnesium (Mg), manganese (Mn) and other elements. It has some unique properties and advantages, including:

  1. Characteristics:

– Good corrosion resistance: 5754 aluminum alloy has good corrosion resistance, especially suitable for use in seawater environments.

– Excellent machinability: 5754 aluminum alloy is easy to machine and form, and can be processed by milling, stamping, welding and other processes.

– High strength and hardness: 5754 aluminum alloy can obtain high strength and hardness after appropriate heat treatment.

– Excellent heat treatment properties: 5754 aluminum alloy can be heat treated to obtain different properties, such as strengthening, softening and so on.


  1. Advantages:

– Light weight and high strength: 5754 aluminum alloy has low density and good strength.

– Good heat resistance: 5754 aluminum alloy can still maintain stable performance at high temperatures and is suitable for use in high temperature environments.

– Eco-friendly and recyclable: aluminum alloy has good recyclability and reusability, which meets the requirements of environmental protection.


  1. Application:

– Automobile manufacturing: 5754 aluminum alloy is widely used in the manufacture of automobile body, door, roof and other parts. Due to its light weight and high strength, it can reduce the weight of vehicles and improve fuel efficiency.

– Shipbuilding: 5754 aluminum alloy’s corrosion resistance is suitable for shipbuilding, such as hull, cabin and other parts manufacturing.

– Tank and Fuel Tank Manufacturing: Due to the corrosion resistance of 5754 aluminum alloy, it is suitable for the manufacturing of liquid storage equipment such as tanks and fuel tanks.

– Building decoration: 5754 aluminum alloy can be used in building decoration, aluminum alloy doors and windows, etc. It has good appearance effect and weather resistance.


To sum up, aluminium 3.3535 has good corrosion resistance, processability and heat treatment performance, and it is suitable for automobile manufacturing, ship building, oil tank manufacturing, building decoration and other fields, and it is a kind of aluminum alloy material with superior performance.