20 Dec 2022
December 20, 2022

Aircraft Grade Aluminum 6061

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Aircraft grade aluminum 6061 is one type of aviation grade aluminum plate. But of course, 6061 aluminum plate can be seen everywhere in life. And we are going to introduce the wide use of 6061 aluminum sheet in aircraft as an aviation grade aluminum and the other commonplace usages of it. Now let’s get started!

aircraft grade aluminum 6061

6061 aluminum alloy has great corrosion resistance, strong plasticity, good wear resistance, and good colorability, thus it is widely used in the construction of aircraft structures, such as the plane wings and fuselage. And 6061 aluminum plate is used in most small aircraft, commercial passenger aircraft, and military aircraft. 6061 aluminum alloy is produced by heat treatment and pre-stretching process. Although its strength cannot be compared with 2000 series or 7000 series, its magnesium and silicone contents have given the 6061 aluminum sheet alloy many characteristics, such as, excellent processing performance and excellent welding characteristics, electroplating. It also features good corrosion resistance, high toughness and no deformation after processing, dense material without defects. 6061 aluminum sheet is easy to polish, easy to get color film, and has excellent oxidation effect and other excellent characteristics. It is the most commonly used aluminum alloy. And our 6061 aluminum alloy plate has mature technology and stable quality. It is wear-resistant, durable, easy to process and not deformed in processing and production, and has a broad market all over the world.


Apart from this, aircraft grade aluminum 6061 can also be used as a structural material for car body in the manufacture of automobiles, such as doors and windows, shelves, heat dissipation device, etc. It can be used as a highly practical hemming material in furniture. In construction, it can be used as decorative board, anti-corrosion board, etc. Even the elevators that everyone usually takes are useful to 6061. 6061 aluminum alloy is also commonly used on sailboats, including small boats. In the manufacture of abrasive tools, it can be used for injection molds, blow molds, low pressure molds, rubber molds and other products.