21 Dec 2020
December 21, 2020

6061 t6 Aluminium For Auto

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The application performance of 6061 t6 aluminium alloy plate in automobile chassis is more stable and reliable. The car chassis plays a very important role as a car as a whole, mainly supporting and installing the car engine and other parts and assemblies to form the overall shape of the car. A good chassis can better ensure the safety factor of driving.

6061 t6 aluminium

Performance of 6061 t6 aluminium alloy plate for automobile chassis are:

1, With medium strength, excellent processing and forming performance, easy processing, no deformation after processing, easy coating and good oxidation effect;

2, 6061 aluminium sheet has good corrosion resistance, can be welded, has strong adaptability, and has a wide range of applications.


6061 t6 aluminum sheet can be used not only in automobiles, but also in ships, trams, furniture, mechanical parts, precision machining, industrial structural parts, trucks, etc. The conventional thickness: 0.3-500mm, the specific specifications can be reasonably customized according to the actual needs of users.


The price of 6061 t6 aluminium must take into account issues such as manufacturers, regions, and product specifications. Different regions have different levels of economic development, prices, consumption levels, and labor costs. Therefore, there must be certain differences in product prices, and There are many manufacturers of 6061 alloy aluminum plate for automobile chassis. Different manufacturers have different strengths, different raw materials, technical levels, etc., which lead to different quotations of products.