5086 aluminum sheet price is not high in Haomei Aluminum, that is why there are so many orders of aluminium plate 5086 marine grade. 5086 aluminum sheet plate is a typical rust-proof aluminum, it is belongs to aluminum magnesium alloy series. For applications where high corrosion resistance, good weldability and moderate strength are required, materials such as television towers and ship boat panel can be made from 5086 rust-proof aluminum plate.

5086 aluminum sheet price

The marine aluminum plate is very familiar to us, many customers from ship boat company choos to take order from Haomei Aluminum because the 5086 aluminum sheet price is low and we have got certificate. The TV tower is a building used for broadcasting and television transmission. It is often the tallest building in the city. Its appearance is varied and it becomes a scenic spot in the city. The 5086 aluminum plate for television towers has strong corrosion resistance, medium strength, good weldability, and high tensile strength and elongation.

Haomei hot rolling production line was put into production. With advanced technology and equipment and mature technology, the performance of the high-quality 5086 aluminum sheet produced for marine ship boat and the TV Tower is equivalent to that of foreign materials. The surface of the aluminum plate is free of oil spots, waves, scratches, and roll marks, the surface is neat, no burr, can rest assured purchase.