Haomei is one of the trustworthy 5005 aluminum sheet suppliers in China with more than 20 years experiences on aluminum product export industry. Similar to 3003 alloy, 5005 aluminum alloy has medium strength and good corrosion resistance. 5005 aluminum sheet alloy is used as conductor, cookware, instrument panel, shell and architectural decoration. The anodized film of 5005 aluminum sheet is brighter than the oxide film of the 3003 aluminum sheet and is consistent with the hue of the 6063 alloy.

5005 aluminum sheet supplier

Together with 5052 aluminum sheet, 5005 aluminium sheet has the wide application, 5005 aluminum sheet can be used as the inner liner of refrigerator, automobile air pipe, oil pipe and agricultural irrigation pipe. In addition, the 5005 aluminum alloy can also be processed as thick plate, pipe, bar, profiled material and wire, etc. The performance advantage of 5005 aluminum sheet are:
1. Low density, high tensile strength, high elongation, good welding performance, no heat treatment strengthening, only cold processing to improve strength;
2. The 5005 aluminum sheet plate produced by Haomei Aluminum adopts the processing technology of continuous casting and rolling, and has good forming and processing properties, corrosion resistance, weldability and deep processing performance, which has good application performance.