Generally speaking, in the traditional concept, imported goods will be better than domestic ones. For example, for 5005 aluminum sheet that need to be used, people will think that imported aluminum sheets will be better than domestic ones, and the price is also higher.

5005 aluminum sheet

Actually, this concept is biased, the aluminum sheet industry is not the same as other industry, the price of 5005 aluminum sheet is affected by many factors, if you ask in local bushiness market, you may find that the imported aluminum sheet products may be lower than the domestic ones. The price of imported aluminum sheet is actually related to the technology and process of production, in addition to the tariff.

In general, the imported aluminum sheet will have better quality than the domestically produced products, and its surface will be processed by other alloy metals. On the one hand, making this material lighter to transport can save the cost of transportation. On the other hand, it will be more durable and has a double quality guarantee. Now more and more buyers choose to import 5005 aluminum sheet from China factory, for the high quality and low price also.