03 Jul 2023
July 3, 2023

4 Feet By 8 Feet Aluminum Sheet

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4 feet by 8 feet aluminum sheet is a key product of Haomei Aluminum, which is also known as 4×8 aluminum sheet, in size of 1.22mx2.44m aluminum sheet. Haomei Aluminum repeatedly emphasizes the control of quality in aluminum sheet production. This is mentioned again because the stability of quality in an aluminum alloy industry determines the success of a company and the strength of its brand. We face salesmen and user factories, and the three most important factors they care about are quality, price, and production speed. If we can excel in these areas, Haomei Aluminum can stand out in the competitive market.


Quality control is a long-term and rigorous task. We hope the quality department can cooperate with the production department and have more communication. The reasons for potential quality issues should be shared with the production department. Every department, from top to bottom, should prioritize quality and not compromise it for the sake of increasing production, meeting delivery deadlines, or reducing production costs. Unqualified 4x8 aluminum sheet metal should never enter the market. Ensuring quality and building a strong brand have always been the company’s development principles, and we hope for close cooperation from top to bottom.

4 feet by 8 feet aluminum sheet

It is important to ensure that the production department conducts pre-production equipment inspections, observes products during production, and confirms their quality after production. The inspection department should immediately respond to calls about production quality issues and visit the workshop to assess the severity of the problem and determine the appropriate handling method. Immediately record the overall quality of the 4 feet by 8 feet aluminum sheet products after production. Products with quality issues should be placed in the waste disposal area and not mixed with qualified products.


Of course, when emphasizing 4 feet by 8 feet aluminum sheet quality control, we must also mention the control of the yield rate. Increasing the yield rate during production is beneficial for reducing production costs. We hope that technical staff can propose reasonable improvements and improvement plans. Suggestions that significantly improve the yield rate will be rewarded with funding by the company and recorded in personnel files. This will also be considered when selecting outstanding employees.