Haomei are specialized in supply 3mm thick aluminium sheet from 1000 series to 8000 series to meet the performance requirement. The common seen aluminum sheet 3mm has 1050 1060 1100 3003 5052 5083 5086 5454 5754 6061 6063 and 7075 aluminium alloy. Aluminium sheet has a low melting point and good casting properties, the mechanical properties are closely related to its purity. The strength of the pure aluminum sheet is low, but the aluminum alloy not only maintains the characteristics of aluminum, but also significantly increases its hardness and strength. Aluminum alloys have excellent ductility and can be processed in various plastics. The formability of pure aluminum and aluminum alloys is affected by their chemical composition, grade and heat treatment.

3mm thick aluminium sheet

Aluminium sheet is a very important industrial raw material, so the quality requirements are strict. When we are going to buy 3mm thick aluminum sheet, we should check the following aspects to judge the quality of aluminium sheet and the strength of aluminium sheet supplier.
First, the chemical composition is qualified. If the 3mm aluminum sheet product is doped with a large amount of miscellaneous aluminum or scrap aluminum, the cost of the 3mm aluminum plate is greatly reduced, but the chemical composition is unqualified and affects the later use.
Second, the processing technology, the inferior aluminum sheet greatly reduces the processing procedure, reduces the loss of chemical reagents, reduces the cost, and the corrosion resistance is reduced greatly.
Third, the oxide film on the surface. Inferior 3mm thick aluminium sheet oxide film is thin and the thickness is not enough, and the aluminum surface is easy to rust and corrode.